Ruth Mayhew, Freelance Writer for HR and Business

About Me

My background

Ruth Mayhew is a both a published writer and HR subject matter expert with more than 3,000 articles published online for several verticals including Arizona Central and Houston Chronicle.  

My writing roots

In the 1980's, I began writing a weekly column on volunteerism for a Missouri-based newspaper. In the 1990's, my career in HR required extensive writing of position statements, and legal briefs and memoranda. In the early 2000's, I began writing online content for HR practitioners, small business owners and job seekers.

My style

I love teaching and learning - writing for HR practitioners, small business owners and job seekers enables me to reach a far wider audience than if I were on the platform teaching groups. My writing style is conversational, straightforward and informative.


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Ruth Mayhew, HR and Business Writer

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